We are, Serhii and Olexandr-Zabiyaka brothers from Volyn region, Ukraine, third generation butchers and meat-eaters.

In 1997 our father Volodymyr Zabiyaka founded a small family sausage manufacture. That's how "Zabiyaka" trademark was born. We joined family business and now manage it in Family Manufactory "Zabiyaka&Zabiyaka".

What is our secret? We love meat and we are big experts in it. Selected raw-material, family recipes, minimum of spices, maximum of love to our work and personal responsibility for the quality of a product-no more secrets.

We are looking forward to our cooperation,

Zabiyaka brothers

Meat, meat-containing half-prepared products and sausages of only top grade produced in Family Manufactory with family and traditional recepies in price segment medium+.

Sausages are popular among consumers due to traditional recepies of decent quality and reasonable prices. Products are of top and first grade